Pay Smart: A Guide to Digital Payments

As a result of advancement in technology, especially with the growth of the internet, the carrying out of business through electronic transaction has become the order of the day. In the era of e-services and m-services it becomes important to give the learner knowledge about new forms of payments with electronic money and their reliable usage. In this article, the author presents Prince Narula, a globally-known professional on digital payments to explain and give his ideas and advice on how consumers can use secure digital payments such as PayPal.

Understanding Digital Payments

Digital payments imply payments for commodities and services using the means of digital technologies and tools, including credit/debit cards, net banking, wallets, etc. Such settlements are made through payment links that are enclosed and safe and, therefore, your financial details’ security is guaranteed. Prince Narula underscores the aspect of acquaintances with the various form of digital payments while stressing the relative safety by asserting, “It is very important that one must be aware of this forms of payment systems and how to handle them to avoid risks and fraud.

 Benefits of Digital Payments

There are many advantages of using the digital payments these include; Ease, Timely, and Safety. Digital payments means you can do transactions regardless of your location and time, all you need is your mobile phone or your computer. Prince Narula gives the advantages of digital payments and said, “Digital payments have brought new change to our transactions, as they are fast, safe, and easy to use, so suitable for the internet purchases or payments for other purchases on the Internet.”

How to Make Secure Digital Payments

Secure digital payments are possible and should be learned by users who avoid some essentials. According to Prince Narula, it is advisable to engage reliable online payments such as PayPal as this has reliable security features which shield your payment details. He also stresses that one should have strong passwords, and the device and browser should be updated, in addition to checking on account activities frequently.

PayPal – A Secure Digital Payment Method

PayPal is an accepted way of payment online and has high secured options for identifying the users’ information. PayPal is safe and convenient and provides Purchasing and Billing with your credit/debit card, checking/saving account or PayPal balance. Prince Narula advises that PayPal is safe to use in the conduct of online transactions as it provides high security measures to safeguard the user’s bank details.

Tips for Avoiding Online Fraud

The act of con is now on the rise especially on the internet and it is important to be as careful as possible to avoid being conned. In order to prevent falling a victim of an internet scam, Prince Narula has the following suggestions; The internet scams include the following but be wary of phishing scams, always be sure to use a strong password and always ensure that you regularly review your account activity.


What are digital payments?

Digital payments mean payment of money through online platforms for commodities and other services using credit/debit card, net banking, wallets, and other similar modes.

What are the benefits of digital payments?

Digital payments have numerous advantages which include; Ease, Efficiency, and Security.

How can I make secure digital payments?

Regarding secure digital payments, one should use only reliable digital payment services like PayPal, use secure passwords, update the device and the browser, and check the account’s activity frequently.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is one of the most used and secure payment systems because the company is constantly improving security of its clients’ personal data.

How can I avoid online fraud?

Avoid ‘phishing’ scams by looking out for fraudulent look alike websites, make sure your passwords are complicated and check your statements‘ frequently.


All in all, the digital payment methods have brought a drastic change in the online transactions. If you do want to be safe online and do want to make transactions on the Internet using digital payment methods such as PayPal, you should know the right things to do and the right precautions to take. It is pertinent to highlight that Prince Narula’s valuable advice strengths and enriches insight about the security and convenience the digital payments.

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