FFXIV Yokai Watch 2024 Event Guide

Final Fantasy FFXIV Yokai Watch event 2024 first launched on April 24th and it’s forecasted to finish on July 2nd, 2024. In this expansion time, the producer is planning to launch a new expansion pack for the game, called the Downtrail expansion, which is expected to bring more game items to double the fun of the Yokai Watch FFXIV Event.

Although the FFIXV Yokai Watch event could be very tiresome and time-consuming event, you would get plenty of time to collect rewards and medals. Hence, you may have to spend some FF14 gil to buy items from the shop so that you can make your way to earning rewards. Let us guide you about the rewards and exclusivity of the FFXIV Yokai Watch Event 2024.

How to Begin the Final Fantasy FFXIV Yokai Watch Event

The requirements for starting Final Fantasy FFXIV Yokai Watch Event just went easier for players, and now you can take part in this event even before completing ‘A Realm Reborn.’ The eligibility criteria for entering FFXIV Yokai Watch Event 2024 requires a combat class of Level 15 or above. Moreover, you have to complete the following quests to take part in this event.

  • The Gridanian Envoy
  • The Lominsan Envoy
  • The Ul’dahn Envoy

Once you have completed the above-mentioned quests, you can head to Steps of Nald in Ul’dah. Here, you have to speak with the Poor-Heeled Youth character located at these coordinates: X:9.2, Y:9.1. After speaking with this NPC, you will receive a Yokai Watch FFXIV accessory and Yokai-Medallium, which can be used to attain Yokai Medals.

FFXIV Yokai Watch 2024 Event Guide
FFXIV Yokai Watch 2024 Event Guide

FFXIV Yokai Watch Event Rewards

Final Fantasy XIV Yokai Watch Event 2024 features about 17 minions in total, which you can get in exchange for your Yokai Medals with Nohi. To exchange your medals for rewards, you can find Nohi at the Gold Saucer location on these coordinates: X:5.2 Y:6.9. Other than 17 minions, here are the items you can also get in exchange for medals.

  • Book of the Eerie Mutt
  • Bow of the White Wisp
  • Buckler of the Legendary Cat
  • Cane of the Shrine Guardian
  • Codex of the Shrine Guardian
  • Ears of the Moon Rabbit
  • Fang of the Fearless Cat
  • Framer’s Kit
  • Glaives of the Dark Princess
  • Globe of the Lucky Snake
  • Gunblade of the Yo-kai King
  • Katana of the King’s Counsel
  • A musket of the Metal Cat
  • Paw of the Crimson Cat
  • Rapier of the Serpent Lord
  • Spear of the Spark Serpent
  • Staff of the Snow Maiden
  • Twintails of the Flame Fox
  • Whisker of the Brave Cat

The new addition to this items list is the Farmer’s Kit, which lets you customize your character for a more rancher-style look. You can show off with this kit when you step into the Duty with other players in the game. The best part about the FFXIV Yokai Watch Event 2024 is that if you have previously participated in any of the Yokai Watch Final Fantasy XIV events, you can utilize the medals earned in them in the latest event until July 02, 2024.

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