Unique Cremation Urn Types

Some of us have been on the unfortunate end of choosing a cremation urn after a loved one’s cremation. It’s a serious choice, not just any container. This container will hold memorable moments and become the topic of many conversations among families and even generations.

Urns come in multiple materials and styles to suit different preferences.

We explore three popular options – ceramic/Swarovski, composite, and stone urns.

Ceramic and Swarovski Urns

Ceramic urns have been used for centuries to hold cremated remains. They’re beautiful and durable.

Pottery and porcelain urns can be crafted into intricate designs, glazed in vibrant colors, and even personalized with engraving.

Many ceramic urns have designs from nature, like birds, trees, flowers, or butterflies, that can represent the life of the person who has passed.

Some ceramic urns have Swarovski crystals built into the design to make it look even more elegant. Crystal urns made of Swarovski crystal are a beautiful way to remember someone.

Composite Urns

Composite urns are made from man-made materials like plastics, resins, crushed minerals, etc.

Even though composite urns are not as traditional as ceramic or stone ones, they are cheap and easy to move around. They can be shaped, colored, or designed in almost any way you can think of.

Many composite urns are designed to look like other materials such as wood, metal, or even ceramic at a lower cost. They also tend to be more durable than ceramics for burial.

Stone Urns

Since ancient times, people have carved cremation urns out of stones like marble, granite, and limestone. Stone has a beautiful look and can be used in both sleek modern styles and traditional urn shapes.

Marble, which comes in a wide range of colors from pure white to deep black with veins, has long been sought after for urns because it is so beautiful.

A cheaper alternative to natural marble is cultured marble, which is also very popular. Stone urns are extremely durable for burial or display.

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