Trick or Treat: McDonald’s Halloween Bucket are Back!

Remember those adorable and sometimes spooky little buckets that came with your McDonald’s Halloween Bucket Well, get ready for a blast of nostalgia because they’re back! McDonald’s has brought back the tradition of their famous Halloween Buckets, and young and old collectors are excited.

For decades, these colourful plastic pails have been a staple of the Halloween season. We’d wait all year to see what new ghoulish or cheerful face the buckets would feature. Kids loved scooping up piles of candy with them; even better, they didn’t fall apart like a flimsy paper bag! They were great for storing goodies long after the candy craze was over.

McDonald’s Halloween Buckets aren’t just a piece of childhood or a collectible item. They spark warm, fuzzy feelings of autumn fun – from costume parties to pumpkin carving, they symbolize all the silly joys of the spookiest time of year. So, if you’re looking to add a touch of Halloween magic to your life, keep an eye out for the return of this beloved McDonald’s tradition!

How can I get a Boo Bucket?

2022 McDONALD'S Halloween Bucket Pail McBoo & McPunk'n Pumpkin HAPPY MEAL  TOYS | eBay

Okay, you’ve seen the pictures and heard the buzz, and now you need one of those McDonald’s Halloween Buckets. But how do you get your hands on one? It’s simple!

The most straightforward way is to head to your nearest McDonald’s and order a Happy Meal! These iconic buckets come as toys with Happy Meals for a limited time during Halloween. The great thing is that you get double the fun – first with a yummy meal and then a super cute, collectible bucket to take home. McDonald’s Halloween Bucket

Don’t you want a Happy Meal but are still dying for that awesome bucket? Don’t worry – some fans and collectors on sites like eBay often sell individual buckets in case you want just the nostalgic item, not the meal. However, be aware that prices might be higher when buying the buckets separately.

How many boo buckets are there?

McDonald’s Halloween Bucket usually releases a core collection of Halloween Buckets each year. So, how many buckets should you expect to see on the menu? Typically, there are three or four different designs during each Halloween season. These might feature classic characters like ghosts, pumpkins, witches, or newer creations.

In 2023, McDonald’s made four distinct Boo Buckets available with their Happy Meals:

  • Monster (Green)
  • Skeleton (Orange)
  • Mummy (White)
  • Vampire (Purple)

The number of buckets each year can change! Keep an eye out for McDonald’s official announcements around Halloween to find out exactly how many Boo Buckets will be gracing the Happy Meal menu that season.

What colours and designs are McDonald’s Halloween Boo buckets in 2023?

In 2023, McDonald’s revived the Boo Bucket tradition with a fresh take on their classic character lineup and one brand new friend! Here’s the rundown of what you might have found inside your Happy Meal:

  • McBoo – The Ghost: Back in classic white, but now with a super cute smiling face – because some ghosts are downright friendly!
  • McPunk’n – The Pumpkin: The traditional orange jack-o’-lantern design made a big comeback, sporting a friendly grin.
  • McGoblin – The Witch: This green bucket took on a witchy spin, featuring pointed facial features and a classic hooked nose.
  • McBoo Jr. – The Vampire: The biggest surprise in 2023, McDonald’s introduced a purple vampire Boo Bucket, bringing a playful and colourful new edition to the spooky crew.

These vibrant, fun designs brought a mix of nostalgic charm and fresh faces to the 2023 Halloween season, causing Happy Meal customers to collect them all! McDonald’s Halloween Bucket


Trick or Treat: Get Your Bucket Today!

Whether you’re a nostalgic adult longing to relive childhood memories, a parent who wants to share a classic experience with their kids, or just a lover of all things spooky and cute, the return of McDonald’s Halloween Bucket is cause for celebration. So, channel your inner child, grab your Happy Meal, and join the bucket-collecting craze! Don’t miss out on this fun and festive tradition – before you know it, those buckets will be gone for another year!

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